Supervisory Team

PEDAGOGY: The Clinic engages students in sophisticated and multi-disciplinary advocacy to advance the human rights and dignity of individuals and communities both in the United States and globally. Our approach to teaching human rights advocacy requires that students expand their focus far beyond the library and traditional court-based advocacy methods. Our work forces us to be hands-on problem solvers.  We focus our research and advocacy methods on the needs of our partners and the context in which we are working. Students, clinical faculty and our community partners work together intensively and critically to define their approach to each project. In that process, students take on as much responsibility as they can while also benefiting from the supervision of a clinical faculty with diverse backgrounds and experiences to guide their work.

PRACTICE: The Clinic’s supervisors, Professor James (Jim) Cavallaro (Director), Stephan Sonnenberg (Clinical Lecturer), and Clara Long (Clinical Fellow) have worked on human rights issues including torture, summary executions, indigenous rights, economic and social rights, civil conflict and transitional justice in several dozen countries in North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Collectively, they have nearly four decades of experience.  In its first two years, the Clinic has worked on rights issues in the United States, as well as Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, El Salvador, Pakistan, Panama, Turkey, Tanzania.  Volunteer Cooperating Attorney Ada Sheng has worked with the Clinic since January 2012.  Sheng will provide additional guidance and advice on projects this year.  Nicole (Nikki) Riley is the Clinic’s Legal Assistant.