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OPD Reform 2: Publish Crowd Control Compliance Reports

Recommendation: Publish Crowd Control Compliance Reports following any police encounters with social protest movements (OPD)

As Oakland’s history of protest shows, the OPD’s commitment to its own Crowd Control Policy will ultimately be tested by how well it adheres to its policy when put to the test – i.e., when there are crowds that need to be controlled.  Thus, as a matter of demonstrating its commitment to its own policy, OPD should consider issuing a standardized report following any interaction between OPD and a social protest movement.  This report should draw on incident reports and subsequent investigations to ensure that the public is aware of OPD’s efforts to ensure that its officers comply with the Crowd Control Policy.

What elements should be contained in these kinds of public reports that would give the community confidence that OPD is doing its best to control crowds in a constitutional manner and hold those who violate those norms accountable for their behavior?

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